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Posted by rogerdf on October 18, 2015

What your father did before you were born could influence your future health

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Will My Silence Save Babies?

Posted by rogerdf on March 12, 2015

This lady is an outstanding example of why even children conceived in rape should not be aborted! PLUS, all abortion is murder.

Mary Rathke Ministries

Will my silence save babies? With the recent debate in the New Mexico HB 390 Late-term Abortion Ban a fellow conceived in rape woman I know, was asked to be silent. She was told that her silence would save 95% of the babies that are killed in late term abortions. These politicians must assume that a woman who is desperate enough to receive a late term abortion will not lie about being raped to receive a way out of her current situation. Will my silence about being conceived in rape and being worthy of life really save 95% or will the “wink, wink-just say you were raped” approach of the abortion backers make that number 90%, 80% or even 50%? We don’t really know do we? Except we do know Norma McCorvey admitted she lied about being raped and that was why she needed an abortion. Many feel this was “an important…

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An Evil World

Posted by rogerdf on February 8, 2015

“Moms and Dads” babysitting their children by TV, avoiding the truth and allowing lies to destroy family.  Listen to Ravi speak of how evil is creaping in and destroying every thread of family and truth.


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Ron Paul is our hope along with Prayer to SAVE the USA

Posted by rogerdf on April 11, 2007


All are sites every LEGAL, God fearing American needs to visit if our Grandchildren are to have a COUNTRY!

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